Our cabinets are custom-built in our own shop right in Hingham, MA. The most exciting part of the kitchen project for many of our clients is when the designs are finalized and we begin to manufacture their cabinets. Clients can visit our shop and see our craftsmen building and finishing their cabinets.

Before we begin to manufacture your cabinets, we check and double-check all our measurements on site, often laying out the final plan full-scale on the floor to ensure the perfect fit. Our cabinets are not manufactured as individual boxes but as long runs to minimize seams. We do not build with an assembly-line mentality. We hire talented craftsmen and build furniture-quality cabinetry.

We also finish our cabinets in-house. Whether you are looking for the perfect white paint for your cabinets, or a distressed, glazed, or antiqued finish, our finishers take pride in achieving the optimal result.